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On The Issues

It's time to take America back! For the past three and half years, our nation's future has been hijacked by special interests, huge budget deficits and a fundamental disregard for the needs of our hard working American families.

Anne Wolfe, a life-long Democrat, recognizes that the continued erosion of the American dream is impacting everyone's quality of life. She is an experienced leader who has worked to control government spending. She believes that affordable healthcare is an achievable goal. She supports genuine Medicare reform that provides all seniors with quality care while controlling the spiraling cost of drugs. She opposes unfair trade policies and will fight to keep jobs in New Jersey.

She will work to get spending under control while ensuring that all mandated programs are fully funded. A clean and healthy environment will be a top priority of her first term in Congress. She is committed to a woman's right to choose, protecting our rights to privacy and campaign finance reform. Anne will make the rising tax burden of the middle class a cornerstone of her agenda.

On the ECONOMY Anne Wolfe will:

* Work to balance the budget
* Eliminate tax loop holes for corporations and the wealthiest Americans
* Support job training and education programs for unemployed citizens
* Provide tax incentives for workers seeking retraining
* Put in place corporate tax penalties for companies that outsource American jobs overseas
* Fully fund scientific and technological research to ensure economic growth

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On HEALTH CARE Anne Wolfe will:

* Fight for programs that increase access and affordability to quality health care for all Americans
* Provide a safety net for our most vulnerable citizens
* Support programs that encourage annual medical examinations and early intervention
* Work to expand childcare programs from prenatal care through adolescence including regulating the number of vaccinations given to young children at one time
* Encourage continuing education programs for all nurse professionals
* Maintain and enhance Long Term Care Education
* Support legislation that includes Behavioral Health as an equal part of any healthcare initiative

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* Support and encourage multilateral linkages with allies and the UN for a strong nation building policy in the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan
* Work to increase public safety by providing additional funds for First Response teams
* Develop and improve communication systems between all First Response personnel
* Support measures to repeal portions of the Patriot Act that impact rights to privacy

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For our MILITARY and VETERANS Anne Wolfe will:

* Provide our courageous service men and women appropriate funding to ensure their safety and readiness to act in times of emergency
* Fight against any cuts to veterans benefits including medical care

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On the ENVIRONMENT Anne Wolfe will:

* Fight for legislation that protects our environment from air, water and soil pollution
* Defend against gutting current environmental standards already in place
* Encourage reuse programs for non-drinking water usage
* Promote regional planning and conservation incentives for environmentally sensitive areas such as the Highlands in New Jersey
* Support legislation curtailing high fuel emission gasses from vehicles
* Educate the public on conservation measures with an emphasis on personal responsibility
* Provide adequate funding for public transportation in Washington, DC to relieve congestion and decrease fuel emissions

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On EDUCATION Anne Wolfe will:

* Oppose any mandated program that is not reasonably funded
* Encourage early intervention programs for children and their families
* Support legislation that would allow fully funding 529 at present limits
* Allow 529 participants to include the year of their death

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For SENIORS Anne Wolfe will:

* Work to pass a Medicare bill that truly helps seniors by providing high-quality health care, insurance and prescription drug coverage for all seniors
* Develop strategies that will protect Social Security for this generation of seniors as well as those that follow
* Provide property tax relief for seniors
* Advocate stem cell research to combat debilitative diseases including Alzheimer's
* Ensure the quality of long-term healthcare facilities

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For NEW JERSEY Anne Wolfe will:

* Support the creation of Einstein Alley to create and keep high paying technical and scientific jobs in the State
* Ensure full Federal support for the protection of New Jersey's Highlands watershed
* Support Senator Corzine's bill that will increase security at chemical plants
* Support Congressman's Pascrell's legislation that would increase funding for public transportation
* Support Senator Lautenberg's bill that will extend the ban on assault weapons
* Fight for New Jersey's fair share of Federal givebacks in particular for long term care and health care facilities
* Work with the Governor and state legislature to find ways to limit suburban sprawl
* Provide the 5th District with a representative who will always consider her district's needs when making decisions

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