[img align=left][/img] Anne Wolfe is a life-long democrat and public servant who has worked to control government spending. She strongly believes in a woman's right to choose. She is committed to providing quality public education, better access to healthcare, protecting the environment and promoting smart growth policies. Anne is a no nonsense leader with a long record of service to her community. For over a decade she has represented the rights and interests of the citizens of Bergen County. To focus on her congressional race to change the status quo in Washington, Anne stepped down from her position as Bergen County Improvement Authority Chairwoman earlier this year. She was honored and commended for serving the 825,380 residents of Bergen County with honor and integrity. As Chairwoman and Commissioner of the Bergen County Improvement Authority (BCIA), Anne worked to control government spending while improving the quality of healthcare for our most vulnerable citizens. Her negotiation skills were instrumental in forging good working relationships between public institutions and the private sector. Her leadership increased revenues for Bergen County allowing taxpayers the benefit of keeping their tax rate at the same levels for the last five years. In addition Anne served as Bergen County Utilities Authority (BCUA) Commissioner and Chair of its Management/Labor Relations Committee, Anne successfully negotiated labor contracts with many Union Officials and is known for her fairness and equity as well as her commitment to identifying ways to deliver cost-effective financing means to the municipalities in the county. As BCIA Chairwoman, Wolfe planned a successful Water Resources Summit, bringing together experts from the Department of Environmental Protection, water companies and members of the legislature to explore progressive protection initiatives for our most valuable natural resource and important infrastructure improvements to ensure its abundance. As a past Special Administrator of Enforcement for the Environmental Protection Agency Region V, Anne has proven she is tough on those who break the law and compromise our environment and has called for increased penalties for environmental crimes. Commissioner Wolfe's accomplishments have been widely recognized by the community and have received National attention. As Commissioner, Anne received the 2002 Energy Champion for Local Government from the U.S. Department of Energy. Anne Wolfe is a past Member of the Board for the New Jersey Council for Women in non-traditional Occupations and the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services Advisory Panel on Integrated Delivery Systems. She Chaired the Bergen County Legal Issues Task Force creating the Domestic Violence Court Watch Project. That program required continuing educational courses for Family Court Judges and also provides support to victims during court proceedings. Wolfe has worked with Shelter our Sisters since 1988 to help break the chains that bind families as a result of domestic violence. Her work in this area speaks volumes to her advocacy on behalf of our most vulnerable residents. Anne is cited as a "driving force" for quality of care and she is proud of her work with Bergen County Regional Medical Center which is considered a "safety net" for persons requiring behavioral health care. Anne is a former Advisor to the New Jersey League of Women Voters and was elected to serve nationally as Nominating Committee Chair. She has served as President in Bergen County and in that capacity is proud to have created and produced a thirteen-part television documentary entitled "Surviving in Bergen County". Anne is a diverse and driven professional. A Corporate Trust Officer for Bankers Trust Company of New York by profession, her years of experience in the banking and financial industry have inspired her sensible pro-growth economic policies. Like all Americans, Anne Wolfe knows that a strong and vibrant U.S. economy increases the vitality of the world at large and she is prepared to roll up her sleeves and tackle the challenges of deficit spending and balanced budgets. Anne holds a degree in government with minors in American history and sociology from Lawrence University as well as certificates from the Wharton School of Business and Yale University. Anne Wolfe pledges to draw upon her experience to represent the true values of the people of the 5th Congressional District.
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