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10/29/2004 - In your endorsement of Anne Wolfe, you barely scratch the surface of Rep. Scott Garrett's extremism Letter to the editor of "The Bergen Record" by Joshua Rosenau
10/29/2004 - Wolfe hits the trifecta
10/28/2004 - Reminder to Scott Garrett: You are the company you keep
10/27/2004 - Garrett fails to make the grade
10/27/2004 - Wolfe, Garrett battle over taxes for seat in Congress. By BILL BRAY, The Express-Times.
10/26/2004 - GOP incumbent under attack for record on women. Challenger Wolfe claims Garrett hasn't supported several women's initiatives. By TERRENCE DOPP, The Express-Times.
10/26/2004 - Wolfe garners endorsements from big Jersey dailies
10/25/2004 - The best choices for Congress. Editorial by Star Ledger: Star Ledger endorses congressional incumbents, except Garrett.
10/25/2004 - Anne Wolfe for Congress in the 5th. Endorsemsent by Herald News.
10/25/2004 - Wolfe hosts press conference on women's issues
10/24/2004 - 5th District candidates offer stark differences. Garrett facing challenge from Wolfe in heavily GOP congressional area. BY JIM LOCKWOOD, Star-Ledger Staff.
10/23/2004 - Letter to Express Times by Martin Ridder - response to endorsement.
10/22/2004 - Wolfe goes on RV tour
10/21/2004 - Candidate forum: Anne Wolfe
10/21/2004 - Garrett, Wolfe hew closely to party lines. By BRIAN ABERBACK, STAFF WRITER,
10/20/2004 - Wolfe blasts Garrett and Republicans on flu vaccine fiasco
10/19/2004 - What you don't get for $50 million dollars
10/17/2004 - Foes as different as Bush and Kerry. By BRIAN ABERBACK, STAFF WRITER,
10/06/2004 - Why can't Garrett find time to debate? By JEFF PAGE
10/06/2004 - Garrett's opposition to embryonic stem cell research dangerous
10/04/2004 - Letter to the editor - The Record
10/03/2004 - Garrett can't even visit us after floods. Letter from SYLVIA RAMOS to "The Express Times"
10/01/2004 - Where's Garrett?. Editorial by "The Record"
10/01/2004 - Garrett is a day late and a dollar short with flood relief for Warren County
09/30/2004 - Garrett has 'chutzpah'. By Miriam Pickett
09/30/2004 - Garrett slow to commit to foe's home turf. By Shannon D. Harrington.
09/29/2004 - Candidate forum - Anne Wolfe. Opinion Columns in The Record.
09/26/2004 - Wolfe opens headquarters in Warren County.
09/23/2004 - Sussex County Republicans won't intimidate Wolfe supporters.
09/20/2004 - Ridgewood residents to host garden party fundraiser for Wolfe.
09/20/2004 - Garrett gives new meaning to term 'Bottom Feeder.' Callers attribute push-poll to incumbent.
09/19/2004 - Sierra Club endorses Democratic Congressional Candidate Anne Wolfe. Aim Community News newspaper.
09/17/2004 - DEMOCRATIC UPDATES. New Jersey Democratic State Committee.
09/16/2004 - Sierra Club gives it backing to Wolfe in race against Garrett. By Kathleen Carroll
09/16/2004 - Heavy Hitters to go to bat for Anne Wolfe. Peggy Kerry, NJ Congressmen Rothman and Andrews and Democratic Chairwoman Watson-Coleman among those attending Wolfe for Congress fundraising Gala on September 20th.
09/15/2004 - Sierra Club Speech
09/15/2004 - Sierra Club hails Anne Wolfe. Endorsement event held at the Shore of Greenwood Lake
09/14/2004 - Sierra Club to Endorse Anne Wolfe for Congress 2004. Ceremony Wednesday 11AM at Greenwood Lake
09/14/2004 - Sierra Club to endorse Anne Wolfe. Ceremony tomorrow morning at Greenwood Lake
09/14/2004 - Gun control suffers setback. By By BRIAN KLADKO, CANDY COOPER and ELISE YOUNG,
09/13/2004 - Peggy Kerry to speak at event honoring Anne Wolfe.
09/13/2004 - 5th District Challenger decries assault weapons ban expiration.
09/13/2004 - Anne Wolfe Speaks on Lapse of Assault Weapons Ban
09/10/2004 - Who opposes your family's safety? Who opposes the safety of Police Officers?Scott Garrett and his extremist contributors, that's who!
09/09/2004 - 5th District Challenger for hunter's rights but opposed to cop killer bullets
09/09/2004 - "Who supports the Assault Weapons Ban?" Those who have seen the terror of assault weapon violence.
09/08/2004 - "Garrett's "Assault" on Public Safety" Congressman prefers radical assault weapons pushers to public and police safety.
08/27/2004 - Garrett stalling on debate, group says.
08/17/2004 - "Anne Wolfe calls out incumbent Scott Garrett" "You will not avoid honest public debate," insists challenger in 5th District.
08/13/2004 - Anne Wolfe to rally volunteers at campaign headquarters
08/11/2004 - "Garrett's Staff Starts Lies and Dirty Politics Early" Campaign Manager Makes False Accusation.
08/10/2004 - "Garrett challenged on jobs" BY LYNN OLANOFF, Herald Staff Writer.
08/06/2004 - "Seafood Lovers Beware!" EPA says eat at your own risk, confirming Wolfe's environmental stand.
08/03/2004 - "Alert Yes, Panicked No!" Wolfe says Bergen/Passaic residents should be alert and aware.
08/03/2004 - "Where Are Those Jobs, Mr. Garrett?" July job figures go through the floor.
08/02/2004 - "Garrett supporters welcomed at Wolfe event" Garrett sends "spies" to Wolfe environmental event.
08/02/2004 - "Environment and the Economy Connected?" Anne Wolfe says Yes!.
07/28/2004 - Anne Wolfe in Boston
07/25/2004 - Opponents post attack on Garrett over mail , by By KATHERINE BLOK, The Express-Times
07/23/2004 - "Kerry followers discuss strategy", By BRENDAN BERLS, NJ Herald Staff Writer
07/19/2004 - Anne Wolfe on Kerry/Edwards Ticket
07/19/2004 - Anne Wolfe Statement on Paperless Ballots
07/15/2004 - It's not easy being "Green". Garrett pays lip service to environment
07/13/2004 - BBQ and Environmental Rally
07/05/2004 - D. Anne Wolfe: Concerned for Taxpayers
06/30/2004 - Wolfe talks health care while Garrett plays politics
06/24/2004 - Gov. Howard Dean and Democracy for America Endorse Dorothea Anne Wolfe
06/23/2004 - Wolfe Receives Courage Award
06/11/2004 - Post-primary blues
06/08/2004 - Menendez, Wolfe win nominations, by JOHN P. McALPIN, Associated Press.
06/08/2004 - Democrats Give Wolfe Nod to Take on Garrett
06/05/2004 - Diner Tour 2004
06/04/2004 - Competition Lurking at Wolfe's Door, Written and edited by the Congressional Quarterly staff
05/18/2004 - For Wolfe, it's almost all about fundraising, By STEVE KORNACKI,
05/04/2004 - Warren County Democrats endorse Wolfe for Congress
04/22/2004 - Celebrating Earth Day
04/02/2004 - Wolfe Attends First Annual Light of Hope Event
03/01/2004 - "Four Democrats seek party nod to challenge Garrett", By STEVE KORNACKI,

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